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Creating a Curricula

A curriculum is a set of training courses which can be assigned to learners. Instead of assigning the same onboarding mandatory courses manually, you can create a curriculum called New Starters and add those courses directly in.


Curricula’s are very handy for assigning a set of courses to your learners. Super speedy option for onboarding new staff. Enrol them on mandatory training automatically when they’ve have been added to the platform.

Creating a Curricula
Creating and Initial Options

First of all, please click on Curricula


Provide a curricula name and if you wish add it to a category. You can add a short description to explain to the learners what these curricula involve.

e.g. Welcome to Green Pub Group. Before your on-site training begins, please proceed with the mandatory online training provided. You can learn this at your own pace but needs to completed within two weeks. 

Within advanced options; you can automatically assign this to new users, set certification, and reassign this curricula (e.g. after 12 months).

Curricula Settings

Creating a Curricula
Adding Courses

It’s now time to add in the courses. This can be from the Expert LMS library or course you have created yourselves.

Simply tick on the right-hand side YES ✅ or NO ❌. You can also make some courses optional.

If you wish the courses to sit in a particular order. Click Set Order, drag and drop to the desired order.

Setting The Order

Adding Courses

Creating a Curricula
Assigning to Branch

The final step is assigning your curricula to a branch.

Home > Curricula > *select* > Branches

If you operate multiple sites within Expert LMS you can make this available for other managers to use. If you operate all training from a head office then you don’t need to make these changes.

Or a faster method would be… Home > Reports > Courses > Mass Actions >Add to Branch > Add to New Branch.

Assigning a Branch