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How to access your list of certificates and gamification

Congratulations you have passed your training course. Now, the question is…How do you access and download your certificates?

Plus, see where you rank among your peers in the gamification section of the platform. Let’s get started.


In this 3-minute video, we will completely break down how to access, download or print your certificates from Expert LMS. There are two methods depending on which level of access you have to the LMS.

We cover both learner and admin-level roles.

Gamification is displayed to see which badges, points and rankings you have achieved among your peers.

Accessing via Learner Account

From a learner account, it’s pretty straightforward finding your issued certificates. 

On the home page, all your courses will be presented in a list or tile format. Next to the course titles, you will see course status and if it’s 100% completed and passed, simply tap the certificate icon.

Certificates Icon 

Learner accessing Certificates

Accessing via Admin Account

If you are a GM or Branch Admin you can view all certificates for all users within your branch. Let’s get started.

From the home page > Certificates

Admin Certificates

To view a full list of issued certificates click Users.

As you are in an admin role, you can view a lot more information. Including; the award date, expiration date and re-assign date.


Operations allow editing, viewing the certificate, revoking the certificate and deleting.

Awarded Certificates

Learner Account

Gamification points are awarded by passing online courses within Expert LMS. Browse where you rank among the rest of your colleagues.

Accessing gamification couldn’t be any easier.

Tap the message icon in the right-hand corner > Gamification Points.