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How To Build Training Courses

Getting started couldn’t be easier. Whether you are onboarding new members or providing ongoing training, Expert LMS provides the tools to create your own training courses. Track all employees and set mandatory courses. It’s so simple.

five parts17 mins

The Basics
Naming A Course

Welcome to our five-part How To series on creating your own e-learning courses. 

In this video, you will learn the basics of setting your courses name, group category, type, and description. This will provide your learners with a basic outline of what your course entails.

Part Two
Setting Course Parameters

Before adding content to your course, you will require to add some parameters. 

We recommend adding a course code to keep track of your learning material. You can set how long this course will be available for. Even add an expiration date so the course has to be retaken. Very helpful in Food Hygiene so all your workforce has a fresh top up of knowledge. 

Part Three
Adding Content – Units

Now the creative part! Adding your first sections of content. In this video, we talk about Units.

A unit is used to teach your learners about a subject. You can add multiple units with an option to upload a file, answer a quiz question (to make sure they are reading the material), and/or video content, Need animated video explainers? we can help!

Part Four
Adding Content – Test

You now have all your units in place. You have taught your learners everything you need to know about this particular subject. 

Now it’s time to create a test. This can be done in a form of a multiple-choice quiz or single answers only. Many parameters can be set including; pass rates, showing incorrect answers or not, and redoing wrong answers only.

Part Five
Adding Content – Assignments

There are two ways to complete an assignment: When an instructor accepts the answer or when submitting an answer.

Use the in-built editor to provide a description of the assignment with instructions on how to complete it. This can be uploading a word document or video. The instructor will receive an email notification when they submitted and they can then pass or fail the assignment.