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How To Map An Account

Mapping an account simply means linking two users together.

Sometimes an admin or manager also needs to enroll in an online course set out by the business. This could be an updated GDPR regulations training or a new Mental Health Wellbeing course.

Mapping An Account

Due to the hierarchy of learning management, Expert LMS requires admins to set up an additional learner account for themselves if they need to enroll in courses.

We’ve made it fast to switch between your admin account and learner account by mapping them.

For more in-depth step-by-step instructions on How To Map An Account please follow the article below 👇

Mapping Accounts
Create A Learner Profile

First of all, please create a learner account for this admin.

You will require to create a different username and password. Please keep these credentials saved as you’ll need them shortly to map the accounts together.

Adding A User

Mapping Accounts
Linking The Two Accounts

Click on Users, find your admin account, and click on the edit icon.

Along the top, you’ll see a link to MAPPED ACCOUNTS.

Use the learner credentials to map the accounts together.

Mapping Accounts
Switching Between User Types

In the top right-hand corner, click on your initials and the drop-down box will present two user profiles.

  • One is your admin or GM profile
  • One is for your learning material
Switching Between Accounts