Available for any business, anywhere in the World, ExpertLMS works seamlessly on any device with a stable internet connection via a browser. Simply login and start learning immediately!

Whether you employ 2 staff or 50,000, ExpertLMS can handle insane amounts of traffic. We can split your business into different sites, areas, departments and more, meaning you can delegate control of staff to junior, senior and area management, awarding different admin privileges to suit your business.

Our fabulous course creation tools include the powerful HP5 editor, allowing you to create rich, immersive and engaging content. Create an unlimited amount of your own training to suit the specific needs of your business. From documents and videos to crossword puzzles and in-depth quizzes, you can tailor your LMS down to the most minute and intricate detail.

Expert LMS
Online Training Platform

ExpertLMS boasts open API, allowing you to integrate with other software you may use daily, such as HR or Rota applications. With single sign on technology, you can streamline your software to work in sync with ExpertLMS and improve efficiency. You can even have your very own sub domain for your Platform!

Create Course Curricula, Staff Groups and Job Roles to filter and report on your various teams, as well as apply specialist training specific to a role or section of your business.

Take full control of system notifications, allowing you to personalise every email and message sent from the system. Choose which members of your team receive important notifications to ensure everyone is up to date with the latest progress in your workforce.

In-depth reporting allows you to see every single action taken down to the second within your LMS.

All of our courses are CPD Accredited and Certificated for due diligence.

Free Demonstration

Why not take a free Zoom demo to chat about your needs? We will give you free access to a Level 3 training course just for joining us to go through the system for half an hour.

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