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An LMS, or Learning Management System, is a piece of software used to plan, implement, and assess your learning and training processes.

Expert LMS is the world's best LMS for any industry, it's packed full of features to make training your teams easy. 

Expert LMS includes a very easy to use course building tool which allows you to create engaging content without the need to use 3rd party authoring tools.

Our library of over 100 quality training courses is included with the cost of Expert LMS. There are no additional charges to access our library.

With Expert LMS, our mobile LMS app can be downloaded by your entire team to make training simple and portable. With our all-in-one LMS platform, learners can even use instant messaging in their LMS app to communicate within their team! 

Getting started can be simple when you use the right LMS. With Expert LMS, you can start a free trial today for free to start building your own branded training platform.

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