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Key Areas To Focus On When Building e-Learning Courses

When creating your e-learning courses you need to take into consideration; material, interactivity and relevancy. Will your course include up-to-date real-time information? Will the learners be tested in an engaging way?

Your organisation is ready to take on the e-learning world, but where do you start with course creation?

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“In some large organisations, up to 60% of total training costs are attributed to travel”

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Better Retention


In an ideal world, you would wave a magic wand and convert your old flash files, PDFs, Word docs and images into a beautiful interactive course, but unfortunately, there is more to building e-learning courses. You need to think about employee engagement. If you are no longer using a classroom learning method, then your online training needs be desirable. There’s nothing wrong with converting existing content, it does speed up research time. Remember this is your course, you are the experts in that field of work.

Expert LMS has a built-in editor and H5P tools to bring your courses to life. It’s a pretty big umbrella which includes, quizzes, slideshows, video/image hot spots, draggable items questions, animations and voiceovers. Your goal is to get employees engaged with the content instead of just reading page by page by page.

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It’s true, training courses can become dated within a couple of years. Check the sell-by date on that last training video your business invested in, are the facts and regulations still relevant? Make sure your content is compliant or it may end up with someone in hot water. We recommend checking your training courses every 12 months. Expert LMS has 70+ accredited courses which always stay fresh.

Usability is a massive challenge you need to address. Is this dated content accessible on every device? Flash-based presentations no longer work on pretty much all devices and were removed by the likes of Google & Microsoft at the end of 2020. HTML5 provides more flexibility to create and run courses plus doesn’t have a pit of security flaws like Flash.

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Relevancy in LMS
Personalisation with LMS


Keep the courses on brand. In Expert LMS you can customise the whole platform to fit your business. Add logos and brand colours. Employees expect one-size-fits-all e-learning when they log in. Add personal resources which help them on the job. A great example of this will be creating a How-To course on “Using the EPOS tills”. Add photos and layouts and chuck in a real-life scenario on issuing a refund or exchange. Not every off-the-shelf EPOS training course will answer all questions. Make it personal to your business.

You should include training feedback from your workforce. Once completed, you can ask them to opt into a quick survey. This will better tailor your future training.

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Within Expert LMS you can set a range of parameters to make sure knowledge reinforcement is at the top of your goals. Initially, for onboarding courses, you can set a deadline for course completion and the pass rate. Following up on this, you may ask learners to attend a refresher shorter course in 6 months’ time, before retaking the entire course annually.

Have policies changed since their first course? You can develop memory refreshers and content updates to improve long-term retention.

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