The ultimate Mobile LMS app

With our LMS app for iOS and Android, bring your learner's training experience to another level. Our training app is designed specifically to boost employee engagement with your LMS. From push notifications to learning on the go, having our LMS app will improve your training workflow at every stage. 

The best mobile LMS App for mobile learning.

Users of the Expert LMS App can easily view and complete their assigned training on the go, no matter where they are. OurĀ app's user-friendly interface makes it an indispensable tool for any business by allowing seamless access to training content and other resources.

Instant Messaging within your Training App

Chat with fellow staff in group chats with our easy to use mobile LMS app. The easy to use instant messaging system can drive engagement with your training material and make your training app the central hub of your organisation.

The LMS that does it all

Ready made courses

Our LMS is fully loaded with 100 courses across a wide range of subjects.

Customisable and Unlimited

Upload and create as many courses as you want to create your perfect bespoke LMS platform.

Custom reporting

With our comprehensive custom report builder, create in-depth reports to track and manage your learners effectively.


Boost employee engagement with our built-in communication functionality and smart push notifications to encourage learners within your LMS.

Mobile app

Our mobile LMS comes with a free app on the App Store and Google Play store to bring training into the pockets of your learners.


We build custom integrations to connect our LMS platform with 3rd parties and also provide our own open API.

Our app is included as standard

Our fully featured app is available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, learners are provided a link to the app from your own learning platform, or they can simply search for the Expert LMS app in their store.

Explore our answers to some of the most frequently asked Mobile LMS questions below.

A mobile learning management system (LMS) is a training platform specifically designed to deliver, manage, and track your staff's training through mobile platforms like smartphones and tablets. This mobile learning approach allows employees to engage in learning activities and access training materials at their convenience, regardless of location, promoting a more flexible and efficient learning process.


Our mobile LMS offers a significantly more accessible experience compared to traditional learning systems. With its powerful features, users can receive push notifications to stay updated on new course materials, upcoming deadlines, and important announcements, ensuring they never miss critical information. And instant messaging between staff members enhances communication and collaboration, enabling quick resolution of queries, sharing of insights, and fostering a community of continuous learning.

Our mobile LMS app utilises push notifications to boost employee engagement with assigned training material. Compared to traditional emails, push notifications delivered via a mobile LMS app are generally better received by learners due to their immediacy and directness, cutting through the clutter of overloaded email inboxes and capturing attention more effectively. 


Additionally, the flexibility of our mobile LMS platform allows administrators to send ad hoc notifications to specific groups of users with ease. By leveraging push notifications, our mobile LMS app not only keeps learners informed and engaged but also empowers administrators with a powerful tool to facilitate efficient and effective communication across your organisation.

The Expert LMS app provides seamless access to training on both Android and iOS devices. In addition to the dedicated mobile apps, your team can also access our LMS through our web portal on other devices, such as laptops and desktop computers.

With Expert LMS, it is incredibly simple to get started with your new LMS app. Simply start a free trial today, or book a demo to explore the possibilities with one of our team.

Mobile learning, often referred to as m-learning, is a method of accessing educational content through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This form of learning leverages the portability and connectivity of mobile technology to provide a flexible and convenient way for individuals to learn anytime and anywhere.

At ExpertLMS, we put mobile learning at the heart of our learning platform to ensure that training is accessible, engaging, and effective for everyone.

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