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Training your retail employees with the most advanced LMS for retail training makes managing your organisation a breeze. Expert LMS will engage and level up your staff to the next level.

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Reddington Pub Co
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The Retail Training LMS that works anywhere

The Expert LMS app revolutionises training for retail by bringing training materials directly to your employee's phone on an easy to use app. Our on the go training solution has been built from the ground up to ensure your retail employees can continuously improve their skills and knowledge wherever they are.

The LMS that does it all

Ready made courses

Our LMS is fully loaded with 100 courses across a wide range of subjects.

Customisable and Unlimited

Upload and create as many courses as you want to create your perfect bespoke LMS platform.

Custom reporting

With our comprehensive custom report builder, create in-depth reports to track and manage your learners effectively.


Boost employee engagement with our built-in communication functionality and smart push notifications to encourage learners within your LMS.

Mobile app

Our mobile LMS comes with a free app on the App Store and Google Play store to bring training into the pockets of your learners.


We build custom integrations to connect our LMS platform with 3rd parties and also provide our own open API.

App Based

App Based

Learn on the go with the native Expert LMS mobile app, available on both iOS and Android devices.

Easy Course Building

With an integrated course building tool, you can easily create engaging content directly within the LMS. Build courses with images, text, files, quizzes, SCORM, and more.

Easy Course Building

Quizzes and Assignments

Boost engagement with your course material with interactive quizzes and assignments.

Quizzes and Assignments

Career Paths

Create easy to follow career paths to motivate and drive employee growth.

Career Paths


Utilise automations across your LMS to make managing your platform a piece of cake. Auto-enrol users into courses based on branch, job role or department.


Smart Notifications

Our LMS prioritises in-app notifications where possible to improve learner satisfaction. The platform automatically falls back to emails when the app isn't installed.

Document Library

Build your own library of important documents directly within your training platform. Track who views what and restrict documents and folders to certain job roles, branches and more. Your LMS can become your central hub for employees.

Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

With performance review functionality baked into our LMS, we'll take away the hassle of managing and growing your talent. Managers and learners can complete performance reviews on the go with our app, and the platform can automatically open new reviews on a recurring basis.

Instant Messaging

Instant Messaging

Improve communication with our new instant messaging service. Start Single or Group chats, attach docs and have messages send to mobile via our app.


Create in-depth custom reports using the data you choose. Choose exactly how often and when a report is generated and have this automatically emailed to whoever you'd like.

Developer API

With a fully featured open API, the integration possibilities with Expert LMS is endless.


Expert LMS is always growing our library of integrations. Easily integrate your LMS with HR platforms like Planday and S4Labour, or even libraries such as Sharepoint or Google Drive.

LMS Gamification

Motivate staff with our engaging gamification LMS features. Your learners will earn points and badges which promote motivation, collaboration and active learning. With branch leaderboards, encourage healthy competition within your teams.

Expert LMS is the best all-in-one LMS

Packed full of features, Expert LMS is the best LMS for any use case. To get started, book a free demo now or start a free no obligation trial.

Book a demo

Book a demo to see Expert LMS in action, or alternatively start a free trial with your own platform today.

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