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What should I be looking for when choosing an LMS?

4 of 10 U.S. companies that use eLearning are less than satisfied with their LMS and we believe a lot of this is down to poor research before getting started. Feeling like they are stuck with their first choice – don’t make that mistake! It’s always a great idea to create a roadmap plan of what you are trying to achieve with your first LMS. Is it a cost-saving tool? Do you have a lot of legal compliance?

โ„น๏ธ What are the differences between LMS’?

“38% of the companies surveyed are considering an LMS change”

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LMS Roadmap

  • =Your Needs
  • =Identify LMS Requirements
  • =Must-have Features
  • =Evaulate

Your Needs

Let’s start with identifying your needs. What are you looking to achieve by taking on an LMS? You can determine them by writing down a list of goals:

  • Reduced onboarding for new starters from 2 weeks to 3 days
  • Save 50% annually on remote learning
  • Within 6 months stop all face-to-face training

What do I want to achieve from training? Put figures towards your aims to make them achievable. When choosing a learning management system, itโ€™s critical to understand exactly who you will train. How tech-savvy is the staff?

Vitally, How many employees are you going to train? Expert LMS is the most cost-effective LMS with prices starting from ยฃ2 per learner per month. Unlimited access.

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LMS Requirements

LMS Requirements

We’ll break down requirements into three sections to consider when searching for an LMS. There are more than 700 LMSs on the market today all offering a slightly different products. The good news is Expert LMS offers the best of both worlds, let us explain…

User Management

Make sure your next LMS has multi-level user types for example Branch admins can add learners and set which courses they can be enrolled in. We recommend investing in an LMS which automates all system emails so you don’t have to lift a finger.


A lot of LMS providers may not offer customisation from many levels. The two key points to look out for are: 1. the ability to upload your own training material with ease and secondly, can you upload your company branding so the system feels at home?

Learning Models

Which best suits your business requirements? Are you looking for a pure eLearning solution – all employees trained online only or are you in need of a 50/50 platform? This is called blended learning where some physical face-to-face is involved but some training can be transferred online.

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Must-have Features

Picking your new LMS doesn’t have to be a stressful complicated experience. Don’t fall short on these must-have features. You can use this as a vital checklist:

Cloud-based – Expert LMS is web cloud-based learning management. Admins and learners can access your business’s LMS via a bespoke domain address. All data is stored instantly with multilayer security protection.

Expert Library – Add 70+ fully accredited courses directly into your platform.ย 

Upload Your Content – ย You need to have the ability to add your own training material with ease.

Technical Support – Does your LMS offer top-level customer service? The biggest pitfall of LMS’ is a snail mail email support chain. Jump on telephone call or LiveChat instantly with the team at Expert LMS.

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Expert LMS’s features

  • ๎’Upload Your Own Material
  • ๎’Unlimited Usuage
  • ๎’Scorm & H5P Editors
  • ๎’7 Days Support
  • ๎’Multiple Branches
  • ๎’Custom Reporting
  • ๎’Full Branding Options
  • ๎’70+ Courses via Expert Library
  • ๎‚ŠLittle As ยฃ2.50 Per Learner


We hope Expert LMS has made the short-list! Narrow your selection down to roughly three learning platform providers. And here comes the awkward bit, talking about cost. Take into consideration the final three factors below.



If all your requirements are met, does it boil down to the price?

Price can range from ยฃ2 to ยฃ15 per user per month

Expert LMS is from ยฃ2


Customer Service

Consider how efficient their customer service team is. Can you simply pick up the phone and speak to a human?

Call, email or LiveChat Expert LMS
7 Days a week


Check Reviews

Do your due diligence. It only takes a few minutes to check true reviews on how the LMS performs for other organisations.

via Reviews.io

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