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Benefits of LMS platforms for your workforce

Improving your organisation’s training workflow is always beneficial. It’s time to consider some of the great benefits of an LMS and find out which might be best suited for your business.

An LMS is a Learning Management System. eLearning & training, analyse reports and instant certification with Expert LMS.

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“58% of organisations prefer to use on-demand learning”

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Time Saving with LMS

Time Saving Tool

Taking all your training to an on-demand learning platform has its core benefits. Learners can jump on at home, at the office, anywhere really. It’s been estimated that an LMS saves up to 45% of your business’s time in comparison to classroom learning.

Classroom training is an old model of learning. Have a think about how much time is wasted travelling to and from these training centres? An hour round-trip several times a year can massively add up and take employees away from their general duties.

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Better Retention

Expert LMS provides several modules which can all plugin into a training course. Upload your own content and test your learners with quizzes, puzzles and assignments. This is all stimulating the brain and allows users to absorb new material and retain the information.

This method of learning is more fun and appealing. Our platform has a vibrant and customisable interface making it an ideal choice among businesses. Employee morale is key. Expert LMS is approachable and easy to use for all ages.

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Better Retention
Expert LMS accessible on all devices

All Devices

Zero tech headaches. When choosing an LMS one key benefit for your workforce is making sure the platform is accessible on all devices. You’ll be surprised how many people at home now have a tablet or smartphone over a laptop.

Expert LMS is a web-based platform with zero installation required. This means there is next to no technical support needed from your internal IT team. We handle any queries from the get-go! Your IT won’t be bombarded with any questions. Have peace of mind when using an LMS.

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A learning platform is a perfect solution for industries with a higher staff turnover e.g. hospitality and retail. Once the person has been offered employment, you can then start to see the benefits of an automated LMS.

Build your own training courses alongside our 70+ accredited courses. These courses could explain all your company values and goals. Insert explainer videos on “How to use the EPOS tills?” and evacuation procedures.

From the admin’s point of view: they can make the courses mandatory and have to be completed within 2 weeks. The dashboard will show which new starters are still pending completion. All the data is in one place for you and the end user making it simple to read progress.

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