What are the different types of LMS?

There are three types of LMS (learning management systems). Each system has its own advantages and in this article, you will discover those benefits. The three systems are: Saas LMS (cloud-based), Installed LMS, and Open-source.

What are the different types of LMS?

Saas LMS (cloud-based)

Expert LMS is a cloud-based LMS. This is the simplest and fastest entry into the e-learning world. Your business, users, and training material are all hosted remotely in the cloud making it an ideal choice among learners.
A plug-and-play platform designed to be fully automated from the offset. Upload your company branches and employees into your LMS and your learners will receive system emails to get started.
Upload any content into your LMS. No need to locally store any material. Build your own training courses with additional videos, images, audio, quizzes, assignments, and documents.
Pros: Simple to get off the ground. Upload all your own material. Cloud-based and accessed from anywhere.

On-Site Installed LMS

Not as common as your simple setup Saas LMS. An installed LMS is hosted and mounted directly on your servers and there are a few benefits to this approach. This option gives you total control over where your data is stored and this could be vital in an educational or government setting.
You can use Expert LMS or we can work alongside your developers to produce in-house learning management. You don’t have to be totally in the deep end. Using an installed LMS is a good choice if you prioritise security above all else.
Pros: You’re the boss. You’re in charge of the security infrastructure on the LMS.
Cons: As your business grows, it can take up a ton of server space and become costly to maintain.

Open-source LMS

You might be new to hearing the term open-sourced. In plain English, it means a piece of software or LMS’s code is designed to be publicly accessible. You can then modify the code to make it fit your purpose. Yeah, you’ve beaten us to it – you do have to have some technical & design know-how to get started. On the flip side of this, many open-source LMS can be free.

If you are looking to simply build your own training courses this can be done through the Expert LMS platform. Our system sits nicely in the middle and thousands of learners already benefiting. Find out more.

Pros: A free option without custom building an LMS.

Cons: Development and design can only be carried out by people with technical know-how.

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