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What is an LMS?

LMS is short for Learning Management System. It’s a piece of online software that emerged directly when e-learning training courses were born. The first introduction of the LMS was in the late 1990s and since then it has become a super useful tool to train, track and report employees across all sectors.

“2 in 5 Fortune 500 companies use e-learning tools”

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An LMS delivers and manages all types of content, including videos, courses, workshops, and documents. Expert LMS has the tools for you to create your own training courses with ease. You can be up and running in minutes (explore more of our features here).

LMS is versatile. They can be used in Schools, Colleges, Universities, Businesses, and government sectors.

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What Is An LMS?

Time & Money Saving Tool

An LMS allows you and your users to log on 24/7 and anywhere in the world.

Once your users have been created the automation then kicks in. The system will send your learners an email to get started.

By logging in and completing your training in a few hours, it saves the extra hours (and sometimes days) that you would normally spend in a classroom or even traveling to and from the event.

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Data: Data standards on LMS allow information to be exchanged from one system to another.

Accessibility: The consistent layout used on LMS provides learners with disabilities better opportunities to access training courses.

Reusability: The ability to be reused for educational content. A huge cost-effective solution for many businesses and educational sectors. A critical aspect in lowering the high training expenses.

“73% of US students want to continue taking online classes after the Covid-19 pandemic.”

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LMS Analytics


With Expert LMS, admin users can explore all types of reporting for their learners. We incorporate dashboards to track user progress. You can then report on key items such as completion rates, attendance data, and compliance.

Setting deadlines is of big importance for LMS. There is a multitude of reasons and we’ll talk about two today.

  • New starters – onboarding is made simple with Expert LMS. Many UK construction sites require you to enroll in several training courses before working “on the tools”. Asbestos Awareness is one of them.
  • Students – Assignments must be completed and handed in by a certain date.

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